As someone who also works from home, I love this idea of making "commuting" part of my workday schedule. I live on a small island surrounded by a forest, which sounds ideal but in our winter of West Coast Canadian rain and more rain (and if we're lucky maybe two weeks of snow) my office can feel claustrophobic at times. Two of my tricks are to light a candle and plug in my essential oil diffuser because there is nothing like the smell of rosemary or thyme to gear up the creative juices.

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Oct 5, 2022·edited Oct 5, 2022Author

A small island surrounded by a forest really does sound ideal, but I'm with you on the rain. It can suck all the light and life out of the air, can't it? I love your tip for lighting a candle and plugging in a diffuser. I have one which I haven't used in a while and you've encouraged me to get it out for winter. Thanks for sharing!

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